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A few Guild members at a table

Guilds are in-game groups composed of up to 25 players that unite to reach common goals, such as aiming for the weekly title of Top Guild in the Arena League, leveling up the Guild and killing Guild Bosses. Guild progress also awards currency to acquire individual or group rewards.

Being in a Guild[]

Players have two options: joining an existing guild or creating their own.


Players may search through a list of recommended guilds or look up a guild by its name or guild ID. Guilds have three statuses: open to all, request only and invite only.

  • Open to all means a player may immediately join without an invite or request.
  • Request only means a player must submit a request, and guild admin (officers, co-leaders and leaders) will either accept or decline requests.
  • Invite only means a player must receive an invite from the guild and accept it in order to join.


Players may create their own guild for 50 Gems. They can set their guild name (with a 20-character limit), emblem, invite status and Knight requirements. The founder of the guild will become the leader.

Guild Ranks[]

There are 4 different ranks for members of a guild.


The leader of the guild, designated with three gold chevrons. They may be the founder or someone whom the previous leader transferred their role to. A leader may promote, demote or kick other guild members; additionally they may summon the Guild Boss, edit their guild description, change restrictions, write the Message of the Day, recruit unguilded members and accept/decline player joining requests. They cannot be kicked, however after 30 days of inactivity, the leader will be automatically demoted.


Just below the Leader, Co-Leaders are designated with two silver chevrons. They may perform tasks a leader may do, except they can only kick members below Co-Leader rank and promote members up to Officer. If a Leader transfers their role or is inactive after 30 days, they will get this role. There is no limit on how many Co-Leaders a guild can have.


Officers are below the Co-Leaders, designated with one bronze chevron. They can only kick members and accept/decline joining requests. There is no limit on how many Officers a guild can have.


The last rank, members do not have any administrative privileges.

Guild Activities[]

Guild Wars[]

Main article: /Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an upcoming Game Mode where four competing guilds fight for control over a node-based map, fighting Monsters and enemy Knights along the way. Laurels and Wreaths earned in this mode can be exchanged for various rewards.

Weekly Tasks[]

Members of a guild gain an extra set of tasks that refresh every Monday at midnight GMT. These tasks award various Resources and Battle Boosts, as well as Guild XP and Contribution Points.

Leveling Up[]

Leveling up allows the members to have access to higher-level Guild Bosses, new Guild Relics, and better prizes during Voting. A Guild levels up by collecting Guild XP, which is earned through Weekly Tasks and by defeating Guild Bosses. The current maximum Guild Level is 80.


When there are at least five members in a guild, a voting process starts every week. It lasts for 5 days.

Two choices are available for guild members to vote. Possible voting choices include a bonus vs a certain Guild Boss, a stack of Tomes, Hero Shards, and Chests.

When voting ends, the majority wins. If there is a draw, the leader's choice will be picked. If the leader didn't vote, the co-leaders' majority choice will be picked. If the co-leader(s) didn't vote, the choice will be randomly picked.

Guild Bosses[]

Main article: /Guild Bosses

Guild Bosses are special Boss Monsters that are defeated collectively by a Guild. Each player in the guild may engage in a battle with a Guild Boss by spending one Meat.

Guild Shop[]

At the Guild Coliseum, there is a Merchant called Guild Relics that exchanges various goods for Guild Accolades. The Individual Relics tab contains items that are specific to the individual Player, while Communal Relics allows members of a Guild to contribute their Guild Accolades towards a pool to unlock cosmetic changes to the Guild Hall.


Guild members can customize their Table Ornaments by entering the Guild Hall and tapping the Refit button on the bottom of the screen. Guild Leaders and Co-Leaders can further customize the Guild Hall with Communal Relics from this menu.

Shop Items[]

*All prices are for Guild Accolades unless otherwise specified.

Persistent Items[]

These items do not cycle, and refresh every week.

Item Note Price Stock
Shard of Vordrai x50 Legendary Hero, Strong vs Cult 300 1
Bear Cub Armor Piece Legendary Light Armor (random armor piece) 160 - 480? 1
Way of the Wolf Legendary Ears Customization 200 1
Drop of Humility Rare Drop 25 8
Drop of Diligence Epic Drop 50 4
Drop of Generosity Legendary Drop 100 2
Drop of Patience Unique Drop 200 1
Rebel Tome x4 Epic Tome 50
Maverick Tome x4 Epic Tome 50
Dark Tome x4 Epic Tome 50
Malachite Rare Upgrade Material 6 18
Manganese Legendary Upgrade Material 24 4
Sturdy Guild Cape Common Cape Customization 100 1
Trimmed Guild Cape Common Cape Customization - Requires Guild Level 25 200 1
Embroidered Guild Cape Common Cape Customization - Requires Guild Level 50 300 1
Elaborate Guild Cape Common Cape Customization - Requires Guild Level 75 400 1
Gem Chest Rare-Legendary

Heroes, Armor, and Weapons

50 1
Equipment Chest Rare-Unique

Armor and Weapons

40 1
Hero Chest Rare-Unique Heroes 75 1

Cycling Items[]

These items cycle out every week, and are a one-time purchase. There are always two Table Ornaments and three Skins.

Item Note Price
Adorable Cactus Table Ornament 250
Boss Knight Table Ornament 200
Champion's Trophy Table Ornament 200
Goblet of Ire Table Ornament 50
Hog Roast Table Ornament 200
Celebration Cake Table Ornament 200
Lil' Knight Table Ornament 250
Lil' Tara Table Ornament 250
Modest Trophy Table Ornament 100
Garron's Gauntlets Arms Skin resembling armor worn by Garron 75
Garron's Greaves Legs Skin resembling armor worn by Garron 75
Garron's Helmet Helmet Skin resembling armor worn by Garron 75
Garron's Mace Hammer Skin resembling the weapon wielded by Garron 200
Garron's Pauldrons Shoulders Skin resembling armor worn by Garron 75
Garron's Surcoat Body Skin resembling armor worn by Garron 75
Icecaller Bracers Arms Skin 75
Icecaller Hauberk Body Skin 75
Icecaller Helm Helmet Skin 75
Icecaller Straps Legs Skin 75
Mask of Outis Face Customization resembling the mask worn by Outis 100
Skald Icecleaver Sword Skin 200
Witch Hunter's Axe Axe Skin resembling designs worn by Outis 200
Witch Hunter's Boots Legs Skin resembling armor worn by Outis 75
Witch Hunter's Hood Helmet Skin resembling armor worn by Outis 75
Witch Hunter's Sleeves Arms Skin resembling armor worn by Outis 75
Witch Hunter's Tunic Body Skin resembling armor worn by Outis 75

Communal Relics are unlocked when the Guild members have donated a total sum of Accolades to a specific Relic. They are a one-time purchase per Guild.

Item Type Description Guild Level Price
Simple Cushioned Chairs Chairs A more comfy and homely chair - good for your back! 12 50
Ragged Guild Table Round Table For Guilds that want to look like they're slumming it. 18 150
Wanderer's Guild Hall Interior A bit more comfort for your Guild. 22 500
Ironbound Guild Table Round Table A classic table for Guilds that want to show strength. 28 375
Ornate Padded Chairs Chairs Comfortable but luxurious seating. 33 500
Peacock Chairs Chairs Showy but beautiful seating. 35 800
Protector's Guild Hall Interior A Hall for protectors of the land. 40 3000
Knotted Guild Table Round Table An understated but stylish choice of table. 43 3500
Quatrefoil Chairs Chairs Straight-backed chairs with a touch of flair. 45 3000
Segmented Guild Table Round Table For Guilds that value a member's personal space. 47 6000
Bound Cross Guild Table Round Table For Guilds who like crosses. 50 8000
Champion's Guild Hall Interior A Hall fit for champions! 50 10000
Spiral Twist Chairs Chairs Twisty, stylish, just mind your head! 53 6000
Order of Rage Guild Table Round Table The design used by the original Order of Rage. 56 10000
Ornate Chairs Chairs A touch of regal luxury. 59 7500
Metal Trellis Chairs Chairs Chairs that exude strength and sturdiness 62 9000
Steel Guild Table Round Table Show your Guild's steely resolve with this table. 65 15000
Purist Chairs Chairs For the Guild that wants to radiate purity. 68 12000
Plated Guild Table Round Table For those that want a balance between sturdy and stylish. 72 20000
Woodland King Chairs Chairs Beautiful chairs designed by the Alfar. 75 15000
Banner Guild Table Round Table Your banner is your pride. 78 25000
The Order's Guild Hall Interior The Hall of the famous Order of Rage 80 40000
Conqueror's Thrones Chairs Suitable for surveying your conquered lands - 200,000 Laurels
Conqueror's Table Round Table Serve food on the skulls of your enemies. - 250,000 Laurels